Introducing Made in London

Take it away Myles...

Made In London, was launched in August 2009 by Myles Carruthers, a native Londoner and N, a citizen of the world. Made In London is an appreciative celebration of London life. It aims to capture the widely varying styles of London’s inhabitants and visitors, to liberate the secrets of its side-streets, and to serve as an outlet for N’s photographical experimentation and Mr.Carruthers’s commentary.

Made In London is divided into four sub-categories:

• London’s a stage: Street photography with Londoners as subject material
• Casting Couch: A place where whatever happens...happens?
• Things we like: Exactly what it says on the tin. A collection of opinions, photographs, rants and raves about things we like.
• Retail Therapy: We hunt down quirky and cool boutiques with stylish staff and tell you about them.

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